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Bird Watching

Bonaire is a favorite place for bird lovers. You can come across more than 170 species on the island. Most of them can be found around the Goto Lake, the Pekel Lake, Cai and Dos Pos. Special on the island is the Yellow Wing Amazon, also known as The Lora. This parakeet can only be seen on Bonaire.

Mountain biking

The mountain bike is an excellent transport to get to know Bonaire. Especially for people who are willing to go off-road, mountain biking is ideal to explore the inland via the innumerable and unpaved roads and paths.

Discover the caves

Bonaire has a lot of (unknown) caves. Through the narrow openings, which can be descended with ropes, you enter a marvelous underground world of stalactites, stalagmites and small water ponds which are delicious to swim in. Without guidance it is difficult to find these caves.

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discover caves
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