Climate and Seasons

Concerning the climate, there is almost no difference between the Leeward islands and Aruba. The only small difference is that it is a few degrees colder on the Windward Islands. The continuously refreshing trade wind ensures a very agreeable temperature of an average of 28 degrees Celsius. The islands are relatively dry. The rainy season is in the months November till January. Often there are heavy short showers, but in between the bad weather there is always the sun. The islands have two seasons: the High Season, which lasts from the middle of December till the middle of April and the other months are the Low season.

Health care

Although Bonaire has a tropical climate, it doesn't require any special vaccinations. The health care is excellent. In Bonaire, the water is desalinated from the sea. It has an excellent quality and generally there is no risk when drinking it.

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